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Why we should work together

I can think of seven good reasons to work with me:

I'm a good listener

My ears will be wide open when we talk so I can give you not only what you want, but, sometimes more important, what you need.

Clear communication

Next to listening, giving clear feedback is important in any working relationship. You can count on me to get back to you promptly – with answers as well as questions.

No German required

Having been an expat myself at various times and places, I enjoy working in an international team or with expat clients. So we can conduct all our busines in English.

No man in the middle

There's no account manager here, no intermediate level; you talk directly to the person doing the job.

Professional experience

I've been involved in getting things online since 1999, and ín my experience when you get stuck there's always another idea round the corner – and: There's nothing wrong with plan B.

I love my job

I enjoy what I do: I love helping people giving shape to their ideas, and I get a kick out of every puzzle we solve on the way. This enthusiasm usually communicates itself to others.

My sense of humour

This may sound irrelevant, but my experience is that every so often you get to a point where you need to be able to see the funny side. Then you have a good laugh together and get on with it.